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Please join Julie Didyoung, HECM for Purchase specialist, as she discusses the following:

  • The advantages of buying a home through a HECM versus a traditional mortgage.
  • How HECM for Purchase can allow you to preserve more of your nest egg.
  • Recent developments that have improved the program, and why more financial planners are recommending this option to their clients.
  • The loan process and how it works
  • Q & A

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We know what you are thinking...this is too good to be true!

​​Truth be told, we thought the same thing a few years back.

How could you possibly purchase a new home for approximately half the cost and never make a mortgage payment again?  What's the catch? Is this a reverse mortgage that we've heard the negative reviews about and the fears associated with them: 

1. I won't have a home to leave my heirs.
2. My home could be taken away from me in my later years.
3. My financial adviser tells me to stay clear of this financing option.

After years of research, questions, interviewing and education regarding the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Program, our opinion has changed.  In a nutshell...

  • HECM is a government-insured loan that allows you (ages 62 and better) to buy the home you really want, without the burden of a monthly mortgage payment for the entire time you live there. (As with any mortgage, you are responsible for paying property taxes, insurance and maintenace.) 
  • You retain ownership of the home as long as you live in it - the loan becomes due when you leave or sell the home.  
  • There is NO personal financial liability for the buyer(s), their heirs, or their estate for any loan balance that exceeds the value of the home when it is being sold to repay the loan.​ 

Many of our new homeowners have taken advantage of the HECM for Purchase program and are now experiencing the low-maintenance lifestyle they thought they could never have. If you are just the least bit curious about this financing program, do yourself the favor and join us!  A free personalized HECM for Purchase Analysis is available if requested.  Otherwise, no personal information will be asked for...just sit back and learn.